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Best Investments Under Php 50K or Php 100K in the Philippines

Best Investments Under Php 50K or Php 100K in the Philippines

Making money is hard, but making it grow is harder. People are always on the verge of running over the cliff of overworking and occupational stress because earning money has become the topmost priority of every individual today. If you are one of those that continually scratch their head in financial confusion and a tight budget, it’s time to invest your hard-earned cash for a fruitful return later.

In the Philippines, the workforce with ages 20-30 is aware of their future financial needs yet decline to invest and save. This alone makes them vulnerable for fortuitous events that can damage a person’s financial capacity making them turn to debts. In light of this matter, we compiled the best investment options you have by spending Php 100,000 and less. Read on to find out.

Future Career Growth

Even if you are a proud working adult, your career growth shouldn’t stop to where you are now. Apart from investing your money, the most significant investment you’ll ever make in your lifetime is learning new skills, improving your capabilities, and those that are necessary for a higher step in your career.

Whether it’s pursuing higher education, obtaining a different degree, taking that graphic design class and more definitely adds to your intellectual value, although you have to spend for its completion and you have to put in the effort for its mastery, you’re gaining knowledge that is beyond quantifiable. These skills, knowledge, and expertise will put you ahead of your competitors in a cut-throat place of employment and seeking new opportunities.

Small Scale Business

One of the greatest things about technology’s integration is its contribution to businesses. Now, you’ll have a platform to buy and sell, advertise, and interact with your target market for free. These avenues are identified as business websites or social media pages.

You can invest for a small batch of products or goods and post them for sale in these pages and pretty soon, you’ll have people calling in for orders. For example, you bake fondant cakes for various celebrations. You can post your previous masterpieces as advertising tools and get referrals from family and friends.

Memorial Lots

Much like how real estate investment operates, memorial lots are unlike objects or assets that depreciate in value. It goes higher for each passing day. You can invest in a memorial lot for your own safety or purchase one and sell it to prospective clients. More so, it can serve as collateral if you intend to avail of a loan from a bank or a financial institution.

SSS and Pag-IBIG Investment Programs

If you don’t like working for your money to grow, you have the option to sit back and watch it flourish. In fact, with this choice, you can still go to your daily 9-5 office schedule and wait for your investment fund to grow. These are investment programs offered by PAG-IBIG and SSS.

You have the Modified PAG-IBIG 2, otherwise known as MP2 and Personal Equity and Savings Option referred to as PESO Fund provided by PAG-IBIG and SSS respectively. For further details and requirements for enrolment, you can head over your nearest SSS or PAG-IBIG office.

Insurance Plans

A common misconception these days is that insurances are only for those that have the extra financial resource to invest. It’s a given that insurances are quite expensive, compared to other options mentioned in this article. But insurance claims will protect the greatest asset you have, your health, and those of your family members. There are a lot of insurance companies now that lowers their premium monthly payments to suit each Filipino’s needs. For a minimum of Php 600.00 per month, you can avail of a Php 50,000 benefit limit.

Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trust Funds

Although they are similar to the fact that the money you have is pooled for funding, there is a single difference to these instruments. In mutual funds, your money is pooled to the funds for fund managers to utilize. These financial experts will handle your account and utilize it for either of the following: bonds, money market funds or stocks. You can invest in mutual funds for a minimum of Php 5,000.00

On the other hand, unit investment trust funds are commercially sold by private banking institutions. Both are regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, bringing guarantee to first-time investors.

Whatever investment option you choose, it would help to know the ins and outs of the process, so you can maximize your returns and efficiently make investing decisions without harming your finances at present.


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