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Features and Amenities

Always striving to give you more every time you visit

Forest Lake understands the significance of each visit to your loved ones. So we want to maximize the experience by making sure every minute you spend at the park is worth your while.

Features & Amenities

Memorial parks serve the transcendental purpose of providing a final resting place where family members can mourn and honor the dead for many years. We ensure that our parks have everything families would need, more so during times they need to gather in good

Fun Activities

Memorial parks also evolve. While the solemn ambiance is preserved, these places are for celebrating life as well. A vital part of the grieving process includes spending time at the park and paying tribute to how the person lived his or her life. These fun ac

Disclaimer: The activities allowed inside the park are determined by each LGU’s community quarantine protocols.

Forest Lake Products

We offer variety of products for every customer…


Always striving to give you more ever time you visit…


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