Our Vision

To build a better place where generations of family memories are treasured, immortalized and celebrated by the living.

Our Mission

To offer accessible and affordable memorial parks and services managed by a professional team dedicated to provide value, innovation and personalized service.

Our Values

Personalized Service, Value Creation, Teamwork, Innovation & Creativity and Professionalism

The logo is derived from the infinity symbol, which represents love, legacy and gratitude as values that last forever and get passed on from one generation to the next. The two loops further reinforce the idea of one generation cradling and caring for the next – the imagery mirroring that of a parent and child. The gold color is intended to resonate value for money while the green gives off a serene peaceful vibe.

The transition to this logo also signifies a change in the Forest Lake business. From the topographic representation of the park in the previous logo, the current brand stands for more than just a memorial park. The icon represents a more holistic business that includes chapels, as well as plans. As the business grows to provide a more complete representation of a family’s legacy and the celebration of a person’s life beyond death, so is the importance of representing this in the Brand’s design.

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Trailblazing through the Years

 “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

– St. Francis of Assisi


Forest Lake was born in strife and should the tides change in the coming years, it will ride the waves and continue to trailblaze for another 20 years and more.

Formally launched in 1997, Forest Lake Development Inc. was a company born by necessity. In the 1990s, real estate was a booming industry. Landco Pacific Corporation, the parent company of Forest Lake at that time, was a growing business in the leisure property category. The game then was land banking and generating big sales, and that meant borrowing money from the bank. They tried to chase after the big guys in the industry, when suddenly the Asian financial crisis hit East Asia affecting the country by storm. Bank interests doubled, which meant the real estate buyers needed to pay double interests, as well.

Business was a dead stop. Everything stopped, so they were looking around for what was moving and what they can do to survive. Amidst the crisis, there was one industry that continued selling – the memorial park industry. The memorial park industry opened a small door for them, and while it was small, it was moving.

Venturing into an industry new to them, Forest Lake opened its first park in Zamboanga in 1997. In the same year, they opened a second park in Iloilo.

Having no name and no history back then, the company saw that a big number of their customers were employees who can shell out around Php 500 a month, and for some of them, this was their first real estate ownership. For Php 500 a month, they are now lot owners, although small, but they now owned a lot. It clicked.

Forest Lake started with two parks then was quiet for three years. In 2001, it opened another park. In 2004, it opened two, and then the pace went faster. Soon, the company opened as many as seven parks at a time and were growing by leaps and bounds.

For 20 years, Forest Lake has been providing efficiently-designed and family-friendly memorial parks all over Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. To date, it has 23 memorial parks and one chapel in Binan. By 2021, the company aims to have 50 memorial parks in the Philippines.

Through the years, Forest Lake has become an institution. In the next 20 years, the company foresees that there will be changes in the industry. Land values will increase through the roof. Practices today will go passé. Whatever changes the future may bring, the company will be ready for it.

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