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Innovating Tradition: Forest Lake’s Creative Tribute to the Dearly Departed

A Festive Twist on All Souls’ Day

Forest Lake is revolutionizing the All Souls’ Day celebration with our campaign, “Di Mo Ine-expect, no? ‘Di Ordinaryong Undas 2023.” Moving away from the traditionally somber observance, Forest Lake introduces a festive element, aiming to honor the dearly departed with creative initiatives and innovative services​​.

As a premier memorial park in the Philippines, we will transform iall our parks into vibrant spaces from October 28 to November 5. Each park is uniquely decorated to reflect the local culture, offering Instagram-ready spots, attractions for children, light shows, and film screenings. This celebration of life underscores the importance of remembering loved ones with joy and positivity, without overshadowing the essence of the season​​.

Enhancing Memorial Experiences

Forest Lake enhances the memorial experience with services like “Libing Anywhere,” allowing families flexibility in choosing any Forest Lake park for burial, regardless of the original lot purchase location. They also offer “Libre Burol,” providing free funeral services at Forest Lake Memorial Chapels. Additionally, recognizing the digital era, Forest Lake enables online lot purchases, simplifying the process for customers and investors alike​​.

Discover more about Forest Lake’s unique approach to memorializing loved ones in the original article on Inquirer Memories.

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