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Memorial Park Guidelines

Lawn Area

Lawn Area Policies and Guidelines

Only underground interment is allowed with only one (1) flat marble marker with outside dimension of 15”x 24” and 3” thick in size per lot installed flush on the ground or at least one (1) inch below the grass level. Lawn lot dimensions are 1m x 2.44m.


No metal lettering or any protruding materials from the surface of the marble marker shall be allowed to protect the marker and lawn mower from being damaged when trimming the green.

Lawn lots can be used for new interments or for transfer of remains from other cemeteries. All interments are permanent, however, transfer of remains/vaults may be allowed under certain conditions considered by the Company.

  • Two (2) full interments and a maximum four (4) sets of remains
  • One (1) full interment and a maximum of five (5) sets of remains
  • Maximum of six (6) sets of remains
Ornamental plants or trees shall not be allowed on any plot, except those planted by the Company.


Marking lines through edging of the grass or placement of stones, pebbles and plastic flowers on any side of the lot shall not be allowed.


Only one (1) flower vase or two (2) small candleholders made of clay are allowed in the gravesite.

The foregoing rules and regulations are subject to revisions, alterations or amendments from time to time for the best interest of all parties concerned.

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