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Memorial Park Guidelines


Legacy and Estate Area Policies and Guidelines

Purchasers in the legacy/estate area are allowed to put up mausoleum.


Construction of mausoleum must commence six (6) months after first interment or earlier

Mausoleum should not exceed a maximum height of five (5) meters (for legacy lots) and four (4) meters (for estate lots) measured from the existing road level fronting the mausoleum. The location of such mausoleum should occupy the area specified in the map designed and approved by Forest Lake. Mausoleum should be located within the boundaries of the buildable area of the block subject to required easements approved by Forest Lake.

Mausoleum lots have the following dimensions:

Estate Lots:

  • 9-lotter 3 meters x 7.50 meters
  • 12-lotter 4 meters x 7.50 meters

Legacy Lots:

  • 18-lotter 6 meters x 7.50 meters
  • 24-lotter 8 meters x 7.50 meters
The following easements shall be observed:

Location Mini Mausoleum Estate Lots Legacy Lots
Front (from the property line) (9-lotter) 12-lotter) (18-lotter & above)
Sides (from the property line) 1.00 m 1.00 m 1.20 m
Back (from the property line) 0.30 m 0.50 m 1.00 m

In case a buyer acquires two or more adjacent Mini Mausoleum, Estate Lots or Legacy Lots and decides to build only one structure, the easement shall apply to the outer boundary of the combined adjacent lots.

Grass shall be maintained on the easement. Concrete pavement, walkways and the like may not be placed on the easement area except the entrance way to the mausoleum.


The mausoleum, its firewalls or accent walls and the roof should observe the easement. As such, the outermost protrusion of the mausoleum shall be used as the basis for determining/measuring the easement.


All materials to be used for the construction of said mausoleum should be of permanent qualities either of hard stone, marble, bronze or granite. Purchasers are prohibited from putting up other improvements and plantings not incorporated in the overall design and plan of the structure submitted for approval of the Company.


All architectural designs and construction plans must first be submitted to the Company for approval. Required building and construction permits must be secured before any construction starts construction shall be allowed to commence only after submission of required documents.


Only subtle tones and color schemes are allowed to maintain the peaceful and serene environment of the area.


Only one (1) structure may be built in a Mini Mausoleum, Estate Lots or Legacy Lots. Statues, accessory buildings and the like cannot be constructed on any memorial lot.


All mausoleums are required to have a flat rooftop design. Accents on the flat roof may be allowed subject to approval of Forest Lake Management. Structures and items on top of the roof are not allowed including plants, pots, antennae, fences and tents.


Legacy/Estate lots can be used for new interments or for transfer of remains. All interments are permanent, however, transfer of remains/vaults may be allowed under certain conditions considered valid by the Company.

Opening of vault after interment shall not be permitted unless required by law of any government authority by virtue of a court order or the like.

Only above ground interment is allowed. However, purchasers are allowed to utilize (for bone interment only) any of the remaining lots within the buildable area.

Marking lines through edging of the grass or placement of stones, pebbles, plastic flowers on any side of the lot shall not be allowed. Ornamental plants or trees other than the ones planted by the Company shall not be allowed on any plot.

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