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The Advantages of Investing in Memorial Lots

Death is inevitable, as they would always say. While it’s a wise decision to focus on the present, it’s even more sensible to prepare for what may come ahead, particularly death. We are all aware that at some point in our lives, we will need to face this reality and what better way to do it than to be prepared for it, right?

Aside from preparing for your burial services and such, you should also not forget one crucial thing, and that is the memorial lot. Through the years traditions change, but one thing remains certain, laying the dead to its final rest is always a customary that’s non-negotiable. Because of this, a memorial lot can be a good investment, whether for personal or commercial purposes.

Advantages of Memorial Lot Investments

Planning pays off big time

Just like acquiring regular real estate properties or other investment property, memorial lots will also require a lot of paperwork and time. Planning always proves to be more convenient, time-saving, and economical too, at most. Imagine if you need the memorial lot today or tomorrow without any investment, it will take so much work, time, and budget while still going through the grieving process. As a result, you will make do of a memorial lot that’s readily available, leaving you with no other options at all.

At Forest Lake Memorial , we highly recommend that you start considering investing in memorial lots as early as now, while you still have plenty of time, and the price is still flexible. Just like any other real property investment, memorial lots increase its market value every year. In case you need an emergency fund, you can consider selling your memorial lot at a higher price. If a loved one passed away, you can also let them use the memorial lot, instead of buying a new one.

It’s one thing less to worry about in the future

Although death is something that you can never predict, you can always plan when it comes to the financial preparations that it may require. If you have already invested in a memorial lot, that’s one thing less to worry about in case something unforeseen happens. You will have more time to accomplish other requirements, and of course, your grieving process can be more reassuring.

High return on investments

According to memorial lot brokers, this type of investment property is now gaining momentum more than ever. The high return on investment from memorial lots is one of the main reasons for this, depending on how many years the property will take before reselling. The very minimal to almost no maintenance cost is also another reason why more and more investors are considering this type of investment.

Unlike in condominiums and other real estate properties, there’s no need to repair anything regularly. Memorial lots stay as just empty lots and the most maintenance you’ll expect would probably just the regular grass trimming. Memorial parks are also most likely the ones to take care of such matters, so you also need not concern yourself about it.

This investment property provides peace of mind

A lot of people who invested in memorial lots were able to sell their lots at higher prices. Our sellers often receive thank you letters from clients who purchased memorial lots not just for themselves but also as a form of investment. One notable experience was from AM Tess Talamera who shares that her client used the earnings from the resale of her memorial lots to send her sons and daughters to school. One of her sons even finished Law because of her investment.

Memorial lots are the only real estate investment you can make that’s protected against depreciation. Its value doesn’t become zero and it is good collateral since it’s a tangible asset. With all of these benefits, you can say that investing in memorial lots can give you peace of mind.

Check out the memorial lot investments offered at Forest Lake Memorial. You can always drop by and sit with one of our brokers so you can find out more about it. It’s high time you start planning for the future, and when we say future, it doesn’t involve education and healthcare alone. After all, we are all heading towards the same direction, just not all at the same time. Now is the best time to invest in it.


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