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Where to Invest Your Hard Earned Money

Where to Invest Your Hard Earned Money

Earning money is as hard as working for it. To make the most of it, it is wise to know how to make that hard-earned money grow. It is good to stick to a savings or checking account if you are considering the future. However, this does not really make that much in terms of returns.

This is where investment comes in. However, you need to do significant research with regards to the most ideal investment options for you and your family. Knowledge and understanding of such options will also help you grow your investment fund. Here are some options you can invest your hard-earned money on.

Memorial Lots

Buying a memorial lot is not just for family members who have departed. But it can be considered a worthwhile investment to begin with. Currently, local investors are looking for ways to diversify their investments in memorial lots.

Investing in memorial lots has several advantages. It is more stable compared to other forms of industry and trade in terms of tangible investments. Value appreciation can be expected to occur yearly, and this enables investors to monitor and retain real returns. Memorial lots do not easily depreciate in terms of value. It is more affordable compared to other real estate properties, thus making it easier to sell. It can also be used as collateral once the owner has completely paid for it.

Memorial lots also provide a “peace of mind” for investors because the constant maintenance of such properties is not required. There is perpetual memorial care, which the developer of the property takes care of. This includes the general maintenance of the park, regular grass trimming, and cleaning of the entire area.

Most memorial lot investors earn at least 10% of their own investments once every two to three years. Their investment fund may also double if the owners decide to sell the memorial lot after five years.

Real Estate

Real estate properties may be considered a profitable investment. Yet, with the market’s current unpredictability in some areas, it may also be risky. Some owners decide to put their residential homes for rent in order to earn passive income. The recruitment of a property management company to handle the collection of rental fees, repairs, and searching for tenants is worth the investment as well. They may take a part of the monthly rent for the fees that they need to cover, while what is left goes to the owner. Nevertheless, mortgage terms and rates may vary for people purchasing a condominium or home as part of their investment fund.


Another great option in terms of investments in the stock market. For stocks, the most effective technique is to take whatever money is left after all bills have been paid monthly and have it alternate between high-risk, moderate, and conservative investments. This will result in the diversification of your portfolio. It will also not leave the potential of earning a huge pay in terms of one of the investments. Bonds, which are related to stocks, can also be considered as another option for investing your hard-earned money.

Mutual Funds and UITFs

Unit investment trust funds (UITFs) and mutual funds are considered pooled investments for a rate as low as P1,000. You may also open an account with mutual fund companies through the help of a stockbroker.

Generally,UITFs and mutual funds do not need sufficient effort and time as that of other investments like the franchise of a business or stocks. All UITFs and mutual funds are handled well through a professional fund manager. All it needs is the investment of the owner itself.

Being able to obtain your first salary is somehow one of the most essential achievements you may have in life. Indeed, it is not that bad to enjoy the fruits of your labor since you have really worked hard enough for it. However, you should also have long-term plans regarding your finances. This is the reason why you need to invest a part of your hard-earned money to attain financial security in the future for you and your xxfamily.


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