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Alby Xerez-Burgos: A Journey of Resilience and Innovation

Introduction: Forest Lake, a prominent name in the Philippine memorial park industry, has carved a significant place in the hearts of families over its 25-year history. Renowned for its comprehensive memorial care services and its commitment to value and innovation, Forest Lake stands as a testament to a mission driven by accessibility and affordability. At the helm of this impactful journey is Alby Xerez-Burgos, Managing Director, whose vision and leadership have steered Forest Lake Development to national recognition and the highest operational standards. Alby Xerez-Burgos: A Journey of Resilience and Innovation Alby’s story is not one of conventional success but rather a narrative of overcoming challenges with a positive outlook and leveraging opportunities. His academic journey in Industrial and Chemical Engineering at De La Salle University laid the foundation for his diverse career path. Despite academic struggles, particularly in Mathematics and Sciences, Alby’s determination and adaptability shone through. His early professional experiences at Landco, amidst challenging economic periods like the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, highlighted his resilience and innovative mindset. His leadership and strategic decisions played a crucial role in overcoming financial hurdles and establishing new market trends. Forest Lake Development: Redefining Memorial Care Forest Lake Development (FLDI) stands out with a presence in over 36 locations across the Philippines, offering unique flexibility and comprehensive services to its customers. This includes the exchange of memorial lots and a range of complimentary interment services. Under Alby’s guidance, FLDI has embarked on ambitious expansion plans to cater to the growing demand for memorial products and services, aiming to decentralize functions for greater regional autonomy. The organization’s commitment to setting industry standards in death care services remains unwavering. Leadership Philosophy: Simplicity and Family Values Alby emphasizes a leadership style grounded in simplicity, family values, and open communication. He advocates for a family-oriented corporate culture, free from politics, where ideas are encouraged, and work is imbued with enjoyment and humor. This approach fosters a positive, resilient, and creative work environment. Monitoring Progress: Purpose Beyond Profit FLDI’s approach to monitoring progress is purpose-driven, focusing on making a positive impact and challenging industry norms, especially against predatory pricing practices. The company’s commitment is to offer dignity and respect in its services, striving to make every Forest Lake branch ‘A Better Place’. Advice to Emerging Leaders Alby advises emerging leaders to embrace their unique paths and resist conforming to conventional norms. He encourages focusing on strengths and navigating challenges with a sense of purpose and passion. The key, he suggests, is to find one’s niche and lead with conviction and a clear vision. Conclusion Forest Lake, under Alby Xerez-Burgos’s leadership, is more than just a memorial park developer; it is a beacon of innovation, resilience, and purpose-driven service in the Philippines. Alby’s journey and Forest Lake’s mission offer valuable insights and inspiration for both current and future leaders in the industry.  

Your Guide to Thoughtful End-of-Life Planning

At Forest Lake, we understand the importance of facing life’s ultimate certainty with grace and preparedness. As the Philippines’ leading total death care provider, we believe it’s crucial for you to consider early end-of-life planning. It’s not just about being prepared; it’s a responsible financial decision that can spare your loved ones future stress and burden. We’re here to support you with services like “Libing Anywhere,” offering the flexibility to choose your final resting place in any of our parks nationwide. Our “Libreng Burol” service ensures a dignified farewell, including complimentary body retrieval, embalming, and casketing. Investing in a memorial lot with us is not only a wise financial move due to the steady appreciation of these assets but also a way to provide emotional security for yourself and your loved ones. By choosing to plan ahead with us, you’re ensuring peace of mind and a lasting legacy for your family. We invite you to consider the thoughtful, responsible options we provide for end-of-life planning. For more information, visit our full article at and explore how we can help you plan with dignity and foresight.

Angelyn Aguirre Torre, A Modern Day Hero Angelyn Aguirre Torre With profound sorrow, we announce the passing of Angelyn Aguirre, a devoted caregiver, loving wife, cherished daughter, and beloved sister. Angelyn’s life was tragically cut short at the age of 32, but her legacy of heroism will forever be etched in our hearts. Born in the Philippines, Angelyn dedicated seven years to caring for others in Israel, embodying the true spirit of compassion. Her final moments were spent protecting her charge, Nira, in an act of courage that has touched the world. Angelyn’s selfless love extended beyond her professional life, as she was a beacon of hope and strength for her family. She dreamt of returning to her homeland to start a family of her own, a dream that exemplifies her nurturing heart. She leaves behind a grieving family: her husband, her parents William and Erlinda, and her seven siblings, who will miss her more than words can express. As we lay Angelyn to rest in Forest Lake San Carlos, we not only mourn the loss of a hero but also celebrate the profound impact of her life. Her bravery in the face of terror will be remembered as a powerful testament to the human spirit. Rest in peace, Angelyn. Your heroism will never be forgotten.

Investing in the Future: The Wisdom of Early Memorial Lot Planning

Understanding Death and Early Planning Recognizing the inevitability of death, Forest Lake, the largest total death care provider in the Philippines, encourages early end-of-life planning. This proactive approach helps families avoid stress and burden in the future. Diverse Memorial Service Solutions Our services, like “Libing Anywhere,” offer the flexibility to use your memorial lot in any of our parks nationwide. On the other hand, with our “Libre Burol,” feature we provide complimentary burial services with our interment services. Investing in a memorial lot with us is not only a financially sound decision, thanks to the steady appreciation of these assets, but it also offers emotional security. It’s an act of legacy planning, ensuring a valuable asset for future generations, and provides peace of mind during grieving periods. Investing in memorial lots is a wise financial decision, offering benefits such as: Steady Appreciation: Memorial lots typically appreciate in value, offering financial stability and potential profit. Investment Diversification: For new investors, memorial lots can diversify portfolios, reducing risks. Inflation Hedge: The historical appreciation of real estate, including memorial lots, helps protect against inflation. Legacy Planning: These investments serve as a valuable asset for future generations. Emotional Value: Pre-investing offers peace of mind and reduces stress during grieving periods. Beyond Coffins: A Partner in After-Death Care Forest Lake, is committed to building a lasting legacy for individuals, emphasizing the importance of after-death care. For more detailed insights on early memorial lot planning and investment, you can visit the original articles on and, where you can learn about the strategic advantages of investing with Forest Lake, the largest memorial park developer in the Philippines.

Innovating Tradition: Forest Lake’s Creative Tribute to the Dearly Departed

A Festive Twist on All Souls’ Day Forest Lake is revolutionizing the All Souls’ Day celebration with our campaign, “Di Mo Ine-expect, no? ‘Di Ordinaryong Undas 2023.” Moving away from the traditionally somber observance, Forest Lake introduces a festive element, aiming to honor the dearly departed with creative initiatives and innovative services​​. As a premier memorial park in the Philippines, we will transform iall our parks into vibrant spaces from October 28 to November 5. Each park is uniquely decorated to reflect the local culture, offering Instagram-ready spots, attractions for children, light shows, and film screenings. This celebration of life underscores the importance of remembering loved ones with joy and positivity, without overshadowing the essence of the season​​. Enhancing Memorial Experiences Forest Lake enhances the memorial experience with services like “Libing Anywhere,” allowing families flexibility in choosing any Forest Lake park for burial, regardless of the original lot purchase location. They also offer “Libre Burol,” providing free funeral services at Forest Lake Memorial Chapels. Additionally, recognizing the digital era, Forest Lake enables online lot purchases, simplifying the process for customers and investors alike​​. Discover more about Forest Lake’s unique approach to memorializing loved ones in the original article on Inquirer Memories.

Celebrating Excellence: Forest Lake’s Triumph at the 9th National Sales Convention

A Night of Pride and Achievement We at Forest Lake are thrilled to share with you our recent achievements and future aspirations. Our 9th National Sales Convention, held at The Bellevue Hotel in Alabang, was not just a celebration but a reaffirmation of our commitment to excellence, themed “PRIDE” (Passion & Reliability In Delivering Excellence). It was an occasion to honor our dedicated partners and acknowledge their vital contribution to our growth. 2022 was a landmark year for us, with record-breaking revenues of P2.17 billion and a 12% increase in net income. We expanded with new parks, marking it as our most profitable year yet. Our network of over 35 parks across the Philippines is a testament to our focus on celebrating life and creating family-friendly, nature-themed spaces that cherish life’s precious moments. The convention was also an opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, who are the driving force behind our continuous evolution and success. Looking ahead, we are set on achieving even greater heights. Our National Sales & Marketing Head, Carlos Miguel Locsin, emphasized the importance of maintaining our leadership in the industry through a more organized regional approach and enhanced support for our partners. Celebrating over 25 years in the memorial park sector, we remain dedicated to providing personalized service and creating spaces where family memories can be celebrated and cherished. Join us as we continue to grow and serve with pride and excellence. For more information on our journey and services, feel free to read the detailed article on our recent convention and achievements at Forest Lake’s 9th National Sales Convention.

PhilHealth for Senior Citizens: What You Need to Know

A great inevitability of life is that our body tends to be more prone to diseases and health risks as we age. Various medical institutions tend to emphasize this fact, and it is a main selling point among many health insurance companies. For this reason, senior citizens are encouraged to be more responsible for their health. They are advised to take better care of themselves by performing exercises appropriate to their condition, having regular checkups, and minding what they eat. Unfortunately, senior citizens are often deterred by exorbitant medical fees and expensive hospital costs, considering that most of them are relying on their pensions and retirement funds. However, this does not always have to be the case—especially in the Philippines. Should there be any need for medical checkups, hospital confinement, and other healthcare needs, seniors can take advantage of their PhilHealth benefits. While most seniors are aware of the standard twenty percent discount in hospitals, there may be benefits that they are uninformed about. So, as a senior citizen of the Philippines who regularly made contributions to PhilHealth while employed, what benefits do you have? And how can you process your claims? To find out, read below:   PHILHEALTH BENEFITS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS a.) Inpatient Benefits PhilHealth’s inpatient benefits allow a certain amount to be deducted from the total of a senior citizen’s total private hospital bill. Hospital bills typically include hospital charges and the doctor’s fees, and the amount to be deducted (which varies on a case-to-case basis) depends on the patient’s condition or disease. b.) Outpatient Benefits Senior citizens are also entitled to outpatient benefits which include hemodialysis sessions, radiotherapy sessions, and outpatient blood transfusions, which senior citizens suffering from cancer or kidney ailments can take advantage of. Apart from all these, senior citizens are also entitled to TB-DOTS Package, which is worth Php4000, Animal Bite Package, worth three thousand pesos, and the cataract extraction package, which is worth Php16,000. Lastly, elderlies may also avail of the primary care benefits 1, otherwise known as the TSeKaP (Tamang Serbisyo para sa Kalusugan ng Pamilya). c.) TSeKaP (Tamang Serbisyo para sa Kalusugan ng Pamilya) Benefits TSekaP Benefits is a program that includes preventive befits such as regular BP measurements, smoking cessation counseling, digital rectal examinations, and lifestyle modification counseling. Other diagnostic medical examinations such as urinalysis, chest x-ray, fecalysis, fasting blood sugar, lipid profiling, and sputum microscopy. d.) No-Balance Billing Policy Senior citizens confined in accredited public hospitals will be able to avail of the No-Balance Billing Policy (NBBP). This means that senior citizens in public hospitals no longer need to pay anything upon discharge. However, this is subject to some rules and is typically done on a case-to-case basis. e.) DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course) Senior patients who require first-line drugs or anti-retroviral treatment for any HIV/AIDS-related diseases may avail of the DOTS package. The package includes diagnostic exams, consultation, and prescription medicines provided that seniors visit a PhilHealth-accredited DOTS center in their vicinity. f.) Z Benefits Package Senior citizens who are diagnosed with diseases that are medically and economically catastrophic need not worry. While these diseases require senior citizens to undergo long-term and expensive treatments, they can make use of their PhilHealth benefits. With PhilHealth’s assistance, the potential financial blow will not be as exorbitant as it would be without the coverage. Diseases that are covered under the Z package are: Early stages of breast cancer Standard risk for coronary bypass graft surgery Early stage of cervical cancer Prostate cancer with low to intermediate risks Acute lymphocytic/Lymphoblastic Leukemia with standard risks Z morph external lower limb prosthesis: Initial prosthesis from knee down (left, right, or both) Total Hip Prosthesis, cementless Kidney Transplantation for End-Stage Renal Diseases (Low Risk) Partial Hip Prosthesis (bipolar) Implants for Hip Replacement: Total Hip Prosthesis cemented Implants for Fractures around the Hip (Multiple Screw Fixation) Compression Hip Screw Set Femoral Shaft Fractures (Intramedullary Nail with Interlocking Screws) Proximal Femoral Locked Plate Locked Compression Plate (LCP: Broad/Metaphyseal/Distal Femoral)   HOW SENIOR CITIZENS BECOME PHILHEALTH MEMBERS 1.) Lifetime Members People aged 60 and above or retired senior citizens who paid no less than 120 months of contributions are lifetime members. Also, it is worth noting that lifetime members get a free lifetime coverage premium. This means that there is no longer a minimum payment requirement for them to claim their benefits. 2.) Automatic Members With the Expanded Senior Act or RA 10645, all senior citizens who are aged sixty and above are considered PhilHealth members automatically—even if they did not pay for monthly contributions. These non-paying senior citizens also get a free lifetime coverage premium like any lifetime member. BOTTOMLINE As a senior citizen, availing of PhilHealth benefits can be a huge help to defray medical costs and lessen pecuniary burdens—especially in times of prolonged hospitalization. That said, one of the best courses of action to take is to research the various aspects of your medical needs and how government institutions can aid you.

Perks of Being A Senior in The Philippines: Senior Citizen Benefits to Take Advantage Of

Turning sixty is quite a significant event in many Filipinos’ lives. For many, it is a time for celebration—an event that opens doors to many perks and opportunities. For others, it is a time of dread, and for most, it is a time of relaxation. Considered as one of the most awaited milestones in life, reaching the age of sixty in the Philippines means that you get the opportunity to retire from work and spend more time with the people you love. Indeed, many may even say that it is so much more fun to be a senior citizen in this country. And why is this? Well, for starters is that the government offers senior citizens various discounts and benefits that will aid elderly Filipinos manage their finances better in their retirement years. In a sense, it is a way of giving back to the elderlies who have served and worked throughout their adult years, and allows them to enjoy their retirement years without so much of a worry. REPUBLIC ACT 9994 (Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010) Under this law, Filipino citizens who are sixty years old and above are considered seniors. This law also provides additional benefits and privileges to senior citizens. Succinctly put, Republic Act 9994 is the governing law that implements all the guidelines and rules in availing of senior citizen benefits and discounts. It is also the same law that designed and legalized the implementation of the senior citizen ID. Today, the senior citizen ID card is the Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) ID card is the only one that is recognized. Some seniors may be under the impression that any form of identification card that shows they are old enough may be used to avail of senior citizen benefits of discounts. However, this is a common misconception. The Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs is the only legitimate body mandated by law that can issue an identification card or document that proves an individual’s entitlement to senior citizen discounts and benefits. There is no need to pay a fee to avail of a senior citizen card as it is free. SENIOR CITIZEN BENEFITS 1.) Health or medical-related privileges a.) Senior citizens are entitled to a twenty percent discount and VAT exemption on the purchases of generic or brand medicines and drugs. When Executive Order No. 1044 took effect, a further 50% reduction in the prices of medicines for top chronic diseases (diabetes, chronic kidney disease, asthma/chronic pulmonary disease, cancer, and hypertension) was implemented. The passage of this law means that senior citizens can enjoy an additional fifty percent discount on top of the twenty percent discount they already enjoy. b.) Senior citizens are also given the privilege of free services in all service wards of government hospitals, medical facilities, home health care clinics, and outpatient clinics. c.) Before Republic Act 9994 was passed, only indigent senior citizens were entitled to PhilHealth coverage. However, with the law’s passage, all senior citizens, regardless of status in life, are covered by PhilHealth’s health insurance program. 2.) Transportation privileges Senior citizens are entitled to a twenty percent discount and VAT exemption on domestic air and sea travel, including booking. Apart from that, they are also entitled to a twenty percent discount on food and drinks, medicines, services, and recreation inside the ship. Senior citizens also get their own special lane which shall give them a priority. In case no check-in counter is available for them, they should be given priority handling and processing. The same applies to public railways such as MRT, LRT, and PNR and public utility vehicles (buses, jeepneys, taxis, and shuttle services) Additionally, senior citizens are exempt from payment of passenger terminal fees in airports and seaports. 3.) Travel, entertainment, and recreation Senior citizens are entitled to a twenty percent discount and VAT exemption on room accommodations and other amenities in hotels and resorts or any other similar establishments. They are also entitled to the same discount in restaurants, and when orders are made via delivery, discounts can be applied, provided that the senior citizen card number is provided while making the order. Moreover, the senior citizen ID card should also be presented upon delivery to verify the senior citizen’s identity. 4.) Utility discounts Senior citizens can avail of a five percent discount on the monthly utilization of electricity and water. However, meters for water and electricity should be registered in the name of the senior citizen residing therein to avail of the discount. Moreover, monthly consumption should not exceed one hundred kilowatts per hour and thirty cubic meters of water. For senior citizens living in the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)- accredited senior citizen centers and residential care institutions or group homes, senior citizens are entitled to a fifty percent discount on all electricity, water, and telephone consumption. 5.) Taxation Senior citizens are exempted from the payment of Value Added Tax on any purchase of goods and services discussed in the Republic Act. They are also exempted from paying individual income tax if they are minimum wage earners.

Senior Citizen Discounts: Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Benefits?

One of the best things to look forward to when you hit sixty is the myriad of benefits and discounts you can enjoy as a senior citizen in the Philippines. For many individuals, it is, indeed, more fun to be a senior citizen here—and even more so in recent years. The Department of Labor and Employee (DOLE) recently put out a mandate on strengthening the programs that provide benefits to elderly Filipinos. If you are a senior citizen or are tasted to take care of a senior member of your family, you should be aware of the various benefits and discounts you or they are entitled to. That said, you need to equip yourself with information that will enable you to assert your rights under the law or render proper care to your older relatives while ensuring they are enjoying the full benefit of the law. More importantly, if you are not a senior citizen yet, this article will aid you in preparing for the future when you reach your senior years. So, start familiarizing yourself with senior citizen privileges while you are still young and able so that when the time comes that it is your turn, you will not be ignorant of what you are entitled to. WHEN DO YOU BECOME A SENIOR CITIZEN IN THE PHILIPPINES? Based on the Republic Act of 9994, which is also commonly known as the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010, Filipinos are considered senior citizens when they reach sixty years old. Under this Republic Act, all Filipino residents aged sixty years or older are automatically entitled to senior citizen benefits and privileges as afforded by the law. It is also worth noting that this law extends to dual citizens who have resided in the Philippines for at least six months. WHAT ARE THE VARIOUS BENEFITS A SENIOR CITIZEN CAN AVAIL OF IN THE PHILIPPINES? Under the Republic Act (Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010), senior citizens in the Philippines are entitled to these benefits in the Philippines: a.) Retirement Benefits from SSS, GSIS, and PAG-IBIG b.) Discounts in special programs for senior citizens c.) Express lanes for senior citizens in all commercial establishments and government offices d.) Free flu and pneumococcal vaccinations for indigent senior citizens, e.) Training Fee exemptions on social and economic programs f.) Scholarship and financial assistance for senior’s education in public and private schools. g.) Free medical and dental services in government facilities h.) Income tax exemption for minimum wage earners MEDICAL BENEFITS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS Under Republic Act 9994, senior citizens were afforded PhilHealth benefits. However, this was further strengthened by Republic Act 10645, which was enacted in 2014 and provided mandatory PhilHealth coverage to anyone above sixty years old. Essentially, this coverage is provided in addition to the 20% discount and VAT exemption every senior citizen is entitled to. CASH BENEFITS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS Cash benefits are also given to senior citizens in the Philippines. Under Republic Act No. 10868, which is also known as the Centenarians Act of 2016, seniors who reach the age of a hundred years old will receive a cash incentive of Php100,000. Apart from this centenarian incentive, indigent elderlies below the poverty allowance can also receive a monthly stipend of Php500, which is a subsidy program by the DSWD. COMMUTING BENEFITS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS Senior citizens in the Philippines get to enjoy queueing priority. This means that elderlies have special lanes in supermarkets, drug stores, fast food restaurants, banks, LRT, and MRT stations. Establishments without senior citizen lanes are required to prioritize elderly clients under Republic Act 9994. DEATH BENEFITS OF SENIOR CITIZENS Families of deceased senior citizens can claim a twenty percent discount on funeral and burial services. Death benefit extends to hospital morgues, caskets or urns, embalming, and cremation services. If the deceased senior citizen was a member of the SSS, their family could claim an SSS death benefit provided that the deceased paid at least 36 months of contribution before the semester of their death. WHERE CAN YOU AVAIL OF SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS IN THE PHILIPPINES? Under the Republic Act, elderly Filipinos aged sixty and above are entitled to a twenty percent discount and are exempted from paying value-added tax on applicable goods and services for their use exclusively. They can take advantage of these privileges using both cash and credit card payments. Below is a list of where they can avail of senior citizen discounts: Medicines- Senior citizens can enjoy a discount on generic and branded medicines, vitamins, and mineral supplements (with a doctor’s prescription) Medical Supplies and Equipment- Hearing aids, wheelchairs, dentures, crutches, etc. Domestic air and sea travel fares Public land transportation fares Professional fees of licensed health workers and attending physicians Hotels and resorts Medical and dental services in private facilities (Lab tests such as X-rays, blood tests, etc.) Restaurants Recreation centers Places of leisure (cinemas, theaters, concert halls, parks, museums, etc.) Funeral and burial services for deceased senior citizens

Forest Lake celebrates 25 years of revolutionizing total death care in the Philippines

Forest Lake celebrates 25 years of revolutionizing total death care in the Philippines Manila, Philippines – The country’s largest total death care provider Forest Lake marks its 25th anniversary by recognizing its top-performing sales force through a National Sales Convention (NSC) held on June 8, 2022 at Okada Manila. Since 1997, Forest Lake has empowered not just its bereaved customers but also its employees and sales teams by revolutionizing total death care—one that goes beyond offering memorial lots for sale. With a nationwide footprint that spans Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, Forest Lake now has over 25,000 registered sales agents in more than 35 locations in the Philippines. Forest Lake President Alfred Xerez-Burgos, Jr. shares, “Over the last 25 years, Forest Lake has fulfilled its brand promise of being A Better Place in a multitude of ways. Our vision is to build a better place where generations of family memories are treasured, immortalized, and celebrated by the living and our mission is to offer accessible and affordable memorial parks and services managed by a professional team dedicated to providing value, innovation, and personalized service.” Revolutionizing total death care As a total memorial care company, Forest Lake provides not just memorial parks, but also cremation and interment services as well as chapel services which includes retrieval of a beloved one’s body, embalming, casketing, and viewing rooms. The intent is to provide clients with the highest quality of service and convenience and through the efficient integration of these memorial care services. Through this, Forest Lake becomes the one-stop memorial care provider. As an added bonus, Forest Lake lot owners are entitled to receive P45,000 worth of Libre Burol services which includes body retrieval, embalming, casketing and chapel viewing, all completely free of charge through the the Libre Burol Program. There is a qualifier however: Libre Burol is offered only where there is a Forest Lake Chapel in the Forest Lake Memorial Park and comes free for every interment service. Therefore, every lot owner who avails of the interment service is entitled to Libre Burol. This means that lot owners, for as long as an interment service can be performed, can avail of memorial services which include pickup, preparation, coffin and viewing for one night – amounting to at least P45,000 – for free. For Forest Lake Managing Director of Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Chapel Services Alfred Xerez-Burgos III, death care is an investment, not just financially but emotionally, as well. “Filipinos want more than just a memorial lot, chapel, a coffin, and a memorial service. When you invest in total death care, you’re investing in emotional support during your time of grieving. Every Filipino deserves to celebrate and immortalize the memory of their loved ones in a dignified manner,” said Xerez-Burgos III. Power of the Past, Force of the Future: Forest Lake’s 8th National Sales Convention With a theme, “Power of the past and Force of the Future” the NSC focused on remembering and honoring Forest Lake’s notable origins and encouraging its people to look forward to the incredible growth in the coming years. Forest Lake also unveiled its Digital Transformation updates through its upgraded customer digital portal, MyForestLake, as well as its business expansion plans for 2022. MyForestLake will allow Forest Lake lot owners to manage their memorial lot investments, purchase lots, pay their monthly amortizations, and access customer information and services, all from the safety, comfort, and convenience of their homes or anywhere they may be. The program, hosted by celebrity hosts Sam YG and Wacky Kiray, was nothing short of a star-studded affair. Forest Lake’s rich history was brought to life through El Gamma Penumbra’s interpretative dance number and famous OPM artists such as Ogie Alcasid and Jonalyn Viray took the stage. The evening included other performances from Buganda and Beast House. Between performances, Forest Lake also paid homage to its sales representatives who have shown incredible dedication and love for the company. Among these are those who have been with Forest Lake for over 20 years such as Pablo Layog who began his career in Forest Lake 25 years ago. “As much as we give importance to our past and our future, we also hold in high regard those who have dedicated their lives to helping the families of those who have passed on. It’s part of our vision and mission to create better places for Filipinos – not just for the bereaved, but for those who have the heart to help them through total death care, as well,” says Forest Lake Chairman Antonio V. Syyap. Forest Lake Senior Sales and Marketing Manager Carla Crisostomo shared as she introduced the tribute video, “Memories are more than just a link to the past. Sometimes they are all that we have that will last. As we celebrate our victories tonight from the challenges of the pandemic towards full recovery, towards the light of a new day, let us take this time to honor and remember the lives of our Forest Lake family members who have transitioned to their new eternal lives. We thank them for the lives they have touched, for their hard work, and contributions. Their memories will forever be in our hearts.” 25 Years of Being a Better Place Forest Lake’s signature personalized service, and family-friendly nature-themed parks have established it as one of the Philippines’ leading, trusted, and preferred memorial parks. In 2015, Forest Lake opened its first memorial chapels in Forest Lake Binan, Laguna for viewing chapels. With high occupancy levels in 2018 and 2019, a second building housing 10 additional viewing rooms were opened in March 2020, just before the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. In 2018, Forest Lake launched its grief counseling services which began as a partnership with grief coach, Cathy Babao for bereaved clients in Forest Lake Binan, Laguna. In 2020, Forest Lake planned to take the workshops nationwide, however, due to the pandemic, these face-to-face sessions were cancelled. Thus, the birth of Creating Better Days Webinar Series. Knowing how the pandemic brought